Blue & Green
Blue & Green $50.00
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Girly Type
Girly Type $30.00
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Navy Geo Print
Navy Geo Print $45.00
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Owen Fox
Owen Fox $39.00
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Paper Planes Swaddle
Paper Planes Swaddle $20.00
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Pink Pom Basket
Pink Pom Basket $40.00
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Polka Dot Plant 1
Polka Dot Plant 1 $44.00
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Seaside Daiquiri Print
Seaside Daiquiri Print $75.00
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Warm Geos Print
Warm Geos Print $75.00
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Water Color Study 2
Water Color Study 2 $44.00
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Water Color Study 5
Water Color Study 5 $44.00
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Kan Kan offers a curated selection of goods for your home and life. Mainly influenced by raw materials and natural designs, as well as drawing in vintage wares, artwork, and a mix of global influences. Here you will find a collection that will help transform any lifestyle to feel effortless as it looks.

The foundation of Kan Kan is to provide you with a collection that breathes and grows with life, creating meaningful stories to remember. Each piece live in harmony with nature and will naturally bring warmth into any home.

Our hope is to continuously bring you creativity, inspiration, and imagination. After all, nature is inspiration for art.